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At Prime Site Work & Concrete Inc we understand that when you are beginning a construction project there are many things to consider. One of these important things is the condition of your site. We provide our clients with top-notch excavation and grading services for both residential and commercial sites throughout Colorado.

Preparing your site properly for any construction project is a very important step. If a site is not prepared correctly, it can definitely affect the overall quality of the construction project. In other words if your site is not level and proper grading is put into place then your patio or outdoor kitchen will suffer in the long run. This is where obtaining professional excavation and grading services comes in handy.

Prime Site Work & Concrete Inc will send a professional site specialist to analyze your property and ensure that we put into place the correct excavation and grading to ensure a solid end product!


We will start with the excavation of your site. Once we have all the plans for your construction project, we can work out the excavation needed and get it done in a timely fashion. Prime Site Work & Concrete Inc will excavate your site safely so as not to damage any surrounding structures or features. The last thing you want is an amateur company causing damage to yours or a neighbor's property; potentially making a very simple task an extremely costly one!

Our team of excavation experts has access to all the necessary tools and equipment to safely remove all the debris and leave your site nice and clean and ready for the construction phase to begin. Don't trust anyone but a professional company like Prime Site Work & Concrete Inc for your next excavation job.


When we talk about grading we are referring to the slope of your construction site. Depending on your location and the condition of your land; a slope is necessary to ensure proper drainage of water. You wouldn't like to have installed a new patio or outdoor kitchen to have it become flooded and damage the subsurface structure.

Prime Site Work & Concrete Inc carries out an assessment of your land and the construction project at hand. We test soils and the need for grading for your particular project. This is a technical step in the construction project and should only be done by a professional. Done rely on guesswork; get expert advice to ensure you have a perfect end product.

Excavation and Grading Contractor

For all of your excavation and grading needs, Prime Site Work & Concrete Inc is the ideal company. We will ensure that your site is prepared correctly. Our team will excavate your site, taking away all the debris and leaving you with a clean slate for your construction to begin. We will also assess the grading of your site based on the particular project you are installing to ensure that your site will be drained properly without causing damage to your expensive construction project in the future. Contact us today and we will provide you with a free consultation!
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