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Flatwork Concrete

Flatwork Concrete It's hard to do away with flatwork concrete. After all, it is one of the basic masonries works in any construction job, making it a staple task in every project. Mess with it and the whole project will also be messed up.

However, there will be no messing up on this particular masonry job if you hire Prime Site Work & Concrete. Our goal is to always provide unmatched quality of work regardless of the type of construction project that we handle.

Flatwork Concrete is the Common Choice

Concrete flatwork is still the most common choice of most clients and contractors because of its undeniable durability. For one, it can last for 30 years or more depending on its quality, maintenance, and everyday challenges to which it will be subjected. It can also stand up against natural disasters, damaging moisture, wind, and sun. Lastly, concrete is also known for its high thermal mass capacity.

The usual grey color may be boring to some, but it's actually helpful in keeping the area cool, whether it's constructed indoors or outdoors. But, if built indoors, a concrete flatwork helps improve air quality by eliminating the need for carpet with its low emission of volatile organic compounds.

Concrete is also cheaper compared to other flooring materials because of its wide availability and easy market access. Repair or improvement is also easy by using micro-topping and other similar techniques.

Various Applications of Flatwork Concrete

Flatwork Concrete Flatwork concrete is mostly used for flooring surfaces. For indoor applications, it is commonly used for basement floors and garages. On the other hand, the applications of flatwork concrete outdoors are on the driveways, sidewalks, walkways, and patios.

Although durable, concrete flatwork can still be way too boring for display. But, with the use of the latest masonry techniques, it can be decorated, colored, and stamped. Instead of the grey hardened surface, the flatwork can be mixed with colorants, stained, and dyed. And if you are interested in decorative concrete, our company offers a separate service for that.

Whether you prefer the plain and traditional grey surface or the decorative concrete, Prime Site Work and Concrete can work on these with utmost proficiency to give you the results that you need.

Quality Flatwork

Not all flatwork concrete surfaces are created equal.

For one, there are factors that affect quality and beauty, like the materials used and the craftsmanship. Accordingly, our team is very careful when choosing cement and aggregates, as these masonry materials need to be mixed accurately, cured properly, and applied delicately to get the desired quality. But, we can do all these with our endowed qualities, like our insatiable passion for quality.

Our company has also partnered with the best suppliers of cement and aggregates to ensure top-notch quality in all of our flatwork concrete projects. We also have state-of-the-art equipment and appropriate tools for mixing, leveling, edging, smoothing, and finishing the surface.

Concrete flatwork is time-sensitive and requires enough manpower to help get the job done on time. So, Prime Site Work and Concrete employed the best men who are all trained, certified, and experienced to do the various phases of concrete flatwork.

Incidentally, such qualities allow us to build the highest quality flatwork concrete in Colorado. We also offer other concrete and site work services that will complete small to big construction projects in the state. Just call us for a free estimate or inquiries about the various services that we provide.
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