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Colored Concrete

Colored Concrete Services, Parker, CO Concrete coloring is widely used in Colorado because it is the most effective method for staining new and old concrete. You can find colored concrete in many Parker, CO, commercial establishments, and residential properties.

Prime Site Work & Concrete, Inc. provides services to the design community, property owners, and landscapers interested in colored concrete. This is so because skilled concrete installers can use it to produce a unique and eye-catching result. These days, many builders and architects treat the standard gray concrete used in construction as a blank canvas on which to create masterpieces.

About Colored Concrete

Concrete coloring is a fun and flexible method to customize your flooring look. Whether you're trying to create a welcoming ambiance for clients or a relaxing place in your home, concrete floors and walls can be tinted to match any color scheme.

Various staining patterns are available, from modern, bold colors to classic, understated tones. Stains, integrated pigments, color hardeners, and dyes are the four options for imparting color to concrete. All these coloring techniques have benefits, each of which results in a distinctive appearance.

The Integral Concrete Coloring Process

Only fresh pours of concrete can have integral coloring added to them. Additives are incorporated into the mix just before pouring to ensure that the color of the concrete is consistent throughout. This technique is beneficial since the color will not fade or become worn over time.

Reds, browns, grays, and muted tans are some of the integrally colored concrete's more colorful alternatives. It's also possible to get muted shades of blue and green. Integral pigments aren't your best choice if you want a bold, attention-grabbing hue. Many designers start with an intrinsic color and then modify it using a stain, dye, or colored hardener.

Colored Concrete's Advantages

There are many benefits to opting for colored concrete, such as:

  • Concrete flooring is not intended to be monotonous, especially polished, and tinted concrete!

  • It can be used in public, commercial, and residential settings.

  • Since concrete flooring has a classic look that won't date, it's gaining popularity.

  • This flooring lasts a long time and needs little care.

  • You have the freedom to design the exact style you desire by selecting from a broad palette of colors.

  • Finding a hue that works for you is the first step in using integral color, providing a long-lasting, low-maintenance result.

  • As the pigment is distributed uniformly throughout the concrete, chips, and imperfections seldom alter the original hue of the finished product, even after years of usage.

Custom Colored Concrete Installations

It may take some trial and error to get the precise color you want when using integral color. There is a limited palette from which to choose (primarily yellows, oranges, and reds, with some greenish blue tints thrown in for good measure), and the rate of absorption required to obtain the desired hue is quite specific. Our company has extensive experience in concrete coloring, and we offer these services at competitive prices, and we can cater to your needs.

For more information about our residential and commercial colored concrete services, please call Prime Site Work & Concrete, Inc. at either of these numbers- Phone: 720-445-1606/Mobile: 716-998-2571. You can also drop us a line through this Online Form.
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