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Underground Utilities

Underground Utilities Arguably, among the most important facets of any site preparation is the laying out and prepping of the ground for the installation of utilities. Without this step, a residential or commercial building project will surely be lacking some key aspects to help it function smoothly and safely.

Although the needed utilities differ from residential to commercial establishments, both of these projects share one common need—the requirement for a properly working drainage system. And this is where Prime Site Work and Concrete is needed the most.

Getting the Services of the Best Drainage Installation Experts

Underground Utilities As mentioned, both commercial and residential building projects require certain critical utility installation tasks, like drainage installation, so they can avoid flooding, foundation damage and other problems.

Don't let this happen on your property. Get the services of an experienced company like us. Prime Site Work and Concrete is an industry expert in installing drainage systems. For one, our company knows exactly where and how to install drainage systems so they won't be a hindrance to other elements of a residential or commercial building. We also understand fully all the hard work that comes with such utility installation tasks.

Ideally, drainage must be placed in an area where it would pose zero risk of getting hit by human and machine activities. This is the reason why drainage systems are buried underneath the ground. Aside from this, drainage pipes should also be properly selected based on the type of soil where a residential or commercial establishment stands.

For drainage systems that are situated in a high-activity area such as a driveway, clay drainage and rigid plastic drainage pipes are recommended. Meanwhile, for drainage systems that are to be placed in gardens, the perforated flexible or corrugated plastic pipe is best used.

Additionally, both types of drainage require some ground clearing and excavating before being carried out. But, worry not, as Prime Site Work and Concrete has all the needed equipment and skilled manpower to complete the job as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Working with Other Utilities Installation Tasks

Aside from drainage installation, we also install other underground utilities such as water pipes and water pipe connections, electrical wiring, cables, underground irrigation systems and the like. The good thing is that Prime Site Work and Concrete has all the necessary equipment to lay, install, and excavate every possible area.

Unlike fly-by-night companies, Prime Site Work and Concrete only employs certified site engineers and designers who are equipped to handle even the most demanding utility installation projects. We can help clients in determining the best areas for these utility connections and installations, and we can provide the exact results that our clients need.

Lastly, the best thing about Prime Site Work and Concrete is that we can work with other highly respected contractors to ensure that our utility installation tasks are carried out smoothly, safely, and efficiently. Clients are assured that there will be no back jobs, no reinstallation, and absolutely no re-excavation. Simply put, we work hard with our client’s best interests in mind.

Let our company install critical utilities for your home or business property. Just call Prime Site Work and Concrete today and we'll be more than glad to discuss business with you.
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